Minneapolis based crust punk, formed from the depths of previous bands Provoked, PontiusPilate, Flux of Disorder, Calloused, Path of Destruction and other punk outfits. Currently, we have a 3 song demo, recorded at the House of Misery and produced by Jon Misery....who is one of the better people to walk this Earth, so cheers to him. The demo is available as a sliding scale download from Moshpit Tragedy.

 Our debut 7" was released through Active Rebellion and is available through them here and other distros. Profane Existence has also released our split LP with Police Bastard along with our full length On a Darker Dawn! You can also find our e.p. Primal and Temperaments of War here, along with many other items. We've also started a Bandcamp site where you can find all out music for download here.

We just want to send out thanks and appreciation to punks and DIY enthusiasts world wide. Also, thanks to the Minneapolis punk, hardcore, crust community. You people, co-ops, venues, distros, zines and friends are the reason we do this. Stay active, stay punk. Cheers and thanks!

Please contact us via email at this link

News and updates

Our latest 12" e.p. "Temperaments of War" has finally been released and can find it at the Organize and Arise web store.

Currently, we are now writing new material for 2 more releases and will hopefully be in the studio by early 2015 to start cranking out those tunes. With life dealing out more obligations the older we get, we're really trying to wrap out heads around a tour. We're not sure what's in the bag for us, but we are in talks to arrange something, so stay tuned!

Current releases

released through Active Rebellion records

released through Profane Existence Records

WAR//PLAGUE "On a Darker Dawn"
released through Profane Existence Records

WAR//PLAGUE "Primal"

 is streaming the album "On a Darker Dawn" here
                                                  ..also streaming the latest "Primal" e.p.

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